Choosing the Best Yoga Towels to Complete your Yoga Sessions

What is a Yoga Towel?

Also referred to as the yoga mat towel, the yoga towel is designed specifically to be fitted on top of the yoga mat during yoga sessions. The towels are used to wipe out sweat most especially during hot yoga or ‘Bikram yoga’, thou they can also feature in any other traditional yoga practice.

Compared to other products such as the “beach towel” yoga mat towels have a super-absorbent nature which dry’s quickly and comes in already pre-sized or fitted versions. They’re also fitted with a rubber lining below to prevent the mat from moving during your yoga.

Choosing the Best Yoga Towels

Sometimes choosing the best yoga towels can be quite challenging. You can consider the following factors when selecting a yoga mat towel:

Types of Yoga Towels

There are two basic types of yogi towels and these are the mat-length and the hand towel.