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Top 9 Best Exercise Balls for 2017

Are you tired of hitting the gym or going for a morning run on a daily basis just to keep fit? Well, then Exercise balls should be your best bet. Also known as either a Swiss ball, Physio-ball or fit ball the equipment can be used in numerous ways to keep your body fit. With the equipment, non-familiar places such as you’re leaving or bed room could be transformed into a physical fitness center. The underlined works outs are important in generating and maintaining the good shape of your body.

Depending on your needs, it is important to understand what type of yoga balls suits you best. Factors such as:

Should dictate the kind of a ball an individual should use. For example, a person who has about 1.73m height will need a 65 cm sized ball. Below are some of the best 9 exercise balls for 2017.

1.      Black Mountain 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise

The Black Mountain is designed to offer a range of fitness demands to both beginners and experienced athletes. The Ball has been designed with a dense wall for the ultimate durability and stability. More so, the product has its stability weigh-rated to 2000 lbs, and it is also available in the size of 45,55,65,75, and 85 centimeters.  The advantages with the Black Mountain is that:-

2.      Dynapro Stability ball

As a fitness tool, the Dynapro fit ball has been crafted to meet a variety of therapeutic demands like:

The unique features of this product include being easily inflatable using a handy pump, ability to resist as much as 2000 lbs of stress or pressure due to its durability and anti-busting nature, high puncture resistance optimization through a thick PVC casing, and a non-slip body with lining as a safety precaution.

3.      UrbanFit

It’s also another multiple fitness Exercise ball developed by UrbanFit. The ball is of a professional quality with its multiplicity in diameter size rating from 45-85 centimeters. If you in tend to forego endless sit-ups then the UrbanFit should be your choice. The underlined equipment can be used at home for tough work outs. Moreover, it has a rubberized surface which is good in performing stability and balance exercise for the abdominal muscles, doing Yoga, a general balance or strength training. Key traits for the Urban Fit entail:

The Swiss ball can be found in multiple colors of Blue, Pink, Red, Black, Green, Purple, and Silver.

4.      Live Infinitely

Live infinitely is another professional Exercise ball.  The ball is anti-bust tested and can withstand about a 2 cm deep cut. The equipment’s versatility enables it to be used at the conform of homes for fitness exercises such as yoga, cross-fit, Pilates, and among other low impact work outs.

Live infinitely is durable and can be used on a daily basis. The ball can withhold about 2200 lbs. The underlined equipment can be accessed in sizes 55/65/75/85 centimeters and colors blue, pink, black, green and grey.

5.      SmartLife Product

If you are looking for an extensively affordable Exercise ball, the SmartLife should be your next bet. The fit ball is designed to gym quality with non-slip and anti-bust structures. Like other balls it can be used on multiple physiotherapeutic exercises such as Pilates, Yoga, Desk Chair, and as a birthing ball.

Additionally, the ball can be used over a long period or multiple times without rapturing or busting and it is soft to lean on. SmartLife can withstand up to 2000 lbs and has a 0.2 cm thick casing. The smooth punctuated surface of the SmartLife makes it easy to grip, hold, bounce, squeeze or even toss it with heavy sweating.

6.      Gaiam

The Gaiam ball offers you maximum fitness results with less training strain. The product is designed to suit the needs of all users at a low impact. Compared to other products the Gaiam has a maximum size of 75 centimeter. You can use the underlined equipment to body:

The kit is good for both beginners and experts.

7.      Gaiam Balance Fit Ball Chair

Thou not a fit ball, the underlined Balance ball chair support a Swiss ball during therapeutic work outs. The chair alleviates aching from legs, back, and arms syndromes due to long sitting hours. The chair is intended for persons weighing up to 300 pounds and 11 inches tall. The back stretch protruding from the chair makes it unique in creating a balance and support while exercising. The stool hosts a 52 centimeter diameter size balance ball.

8.      BalanceFrom

This fit incorporates an anti-slip technology tastefully designed to ensure excellent slip-resistance. Like some Exercise balls, the BalanceFrom is made up of durable and thick elastic materials. The exercise kit can be found in 3 size options of 55, 65, and 75 centimeters. If you intend to buy a cheaper and yet an effective Swiss ball, then this definitely should be your choice.

9.      LuxFit

As a fitness ball, the LuxFit is highly recommended for a yoga work out. The ball is also crafted with highly durable and extremely thick material which prevents it from busting due to the optimum pressure or getting torn. The ball will assist you to sculpt, chisel, and tone your arms, shoulder, abs, gluts and among other body muscles. At the market place, LuxFit can be found in different colors of black, blue, and red. Compared to the Black Mountain Swiss ball, the LuxFit is averagely affordable.

If you are looking for a convenient away to do some work out and keep fit then Exercise balls should be on your options’ list. Compared to other activities of  physiotherapy such as hitting the gym, the fit ball approach is convenient in time, costs, and can be used at the comfort your house or office.

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