Yoga Mat Cleaners

Yoga practice is quite a regular activity carried out almost on a daily basis. As a result yoga mats pile up with sweat and body oil, dust, sticky dirt and many other particles. This may lead to not only bad odor but also creates an inviting environment for bacteria, viruses and microbes. Cleaning yoga mats using yoga cleaners should be a ritual in any yoga studio.

Yoga mat cleaners are special cleansing agents exclusively used for the purpose of cleaning yoga mats. These detergents can be strongly antibiotic, antiviral or antimicrobial. They can be acquired from shops and can also be locally prepared at home. Home-made cleaners rely on the available suitable ingredients. However, readily manufactured cleaners are of higher quality than those made at home. These manufactured cleaners are made from natural ingredients. They are mainly available a sprays that do not require to be dissolved in water.

Why should cleaning a yoga mat done on a frequent basis

Keeping yoga mats clean should be a top priority no matter how cumbersome it may seem to be. Whatever time selected to clean the mat, it is far worth it. There are more than countable benefits associated with cleaning yoga mats using yoga cleaners. They include:

It is everybody’s wish to have a yoga mat that is durable. So, what is the trick to owning a durable mat? It is just simple.  After every yoga practice, the mat should be wiped with a natural yoga cleaner. This will not only give the mat a new look but also leave it smelling like new. A yoga mat cleaner will also maintain the sticky the mat’s sticky texture leaving at as new as ever.

Catching infections such as colds after yoga practice is the last thing that everybody ever wants to happen. Observing hygiene is a key factor to keeping infections at bay. Sweat and body oils make mats moist and dump. This can encourage breeding grounds for bacteria, virus, fungi and microbial. Use of antibacterial or antiviral or antimicrobial yoga mat cleaner reduces chances of catching colds or other infections.

Deep cleaning a yoga mat can be stressful. There is no need of waiting for thick layer of dirt to accumulate before cleaning a mat. Frequent use of yoga mat cleaners keeps it clean and eases deep cleaning process whenever it is required.  Careful wiping of the mat using a mat cleaner may replace deep washing.

Nothing irritates like practicing yoga on a mat that produces odors. Using a yoga mat cleaner neutralizes the resultant stench that a yoga mat may produce. It is helps keep the yoga studio fresh.

 How should one make a right choice when buying a Yoga Mat Cleaner?

Varieties of yoga mat cleaners exist hence making a choice can be really challenging sometimes. Those buying yoga mat cleaners for the first time find themselves making mistakes that could have been avoided. Some of the factors to consider include;


Which Yoga Mat cleaners stand out among the rest?

Are all yoga mat cleaners the same? The answer is simply no. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the best yoga mat cleaners in 2017.


  1. Calming Citrus

This cleaner is made up of 100 percent natural ingredients from the purest organic essential oils. It is free of synthetic chemical s as well as fragrances or any other preservatives. This natural aspect makes them safe for skin contact and suitable for all mats.

It provides a safe non-toxic cleaning alternative for mat and props. There should be no worry as it works perfectly on all water surfaces. It simply gives a treat to all yoga equipment including; mats, foam blocks, balance balls and many others. A unique thing about the cleaner is that it comes packaged with a soft cleaning towel.

It comes in different small sizes to cater for personal needs. Those who want to characterize their yoga sessions with clean and interesting need to go the calming citrus way.  It assures quality and freshness through its natural scent that is so inviting. It can lure yogis to spend more time in the yoga studio than expected. It gives all that one can ever long for as far as cleaners are concerned. Those that instantly want to enhance their yoga session should settle for this cleaner.


  1. Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Manduka Mat Cleaner is undoubtedly among the best. It is a must have requirement in a yoga studio. This all-purpose cleaner is highly suggested the most appropriate for Manduka series mats. It is certified making it a trusted cleaner.

Its antibacterial and natural citric acid neutralizes hard water. Most cleaners lack this feature. It is made up of biodegradable certified organic materials, assuring safety and non-toxic to the skin. The organic materials boost the mats durability as they don’t react with mats. Also present in the cleaner is essential oils with germinal mood enhancing properties.

Tranquil lavender scent with lavender relax oils brings deep relaxation. It also minimizes level of anxiety and stress creating a comfort zone in the studio. Presence of energizing ginger is greatly associated with stress reduction and energizing of the mind. Free and unstressed mind is required to make yoga sessions successful.


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